Artist Talk at Fabrica

I’m thrilled to be speaking about my work at Fabrica, on Monday June 24.


Fabrica is a communications research centre, studio and school. We are based in Italy, work globally, and are an integral part of the Benetton Group. Our organisation is built for the 21st century, and designed to address 21st century problems and opportunities. Our advantage is our diversity – of people, perspectives, formats and technologies.

The description for my lecture:


In this talk, Michael will expound on the political and emotional motivations, topical concepts and technical methodologies that influence his sculpture and new media practice. In addition to presenting his latest work, Michael will discuss how strategies from science fiction can be appropriated in design and the visual arts in order to create a novel and necessary spaces for investigation and critique. In addition, Michael will present how these ideas have manifested in several recent curatorial and organization efforts around Los Angeles with his creative collective, SPECULATIVE.

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