“Border Control” by Fritz Haeg

I like this piece in Frieze magazine by Fritz Haeg, concerning borders and territories in the contemporary art market. Haeg has a refreshing critical view on the role of boundaries and titles in art…

Would it be helpful or liberating to live in a world where we could make what we want to see and do what we want to feel, only later deciding or understanding what it is, or how it should be classified? Ideas and impulses would be the motivation, and only later would the discipline be revealed. […] Children naturally operate this way, but it’s the opposite of how most formal education works.

Also enjoyed this quote:

If I am interested in gardening, I don’t want to make work about gardens, I become a gardener, and go out into the city and make a garden. If I am interested in dance, I don’t want to make work about dancing, I enter into the dance community, and make dances in the streets.

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