That’s So Gay: Tracking twitter posts containing “gay”

I’m posting some documentation of a quick, one-day experiment to try and map out the location of specific tweets from Twitter. I’ve been playing with the Twitter Streaming API, in anticipation of a new project. Interest in this technology happened to be concurrent with President Obama’s recent endorsement of same-sex marriage (gobama!). As a result, I thought it might be interesting to filter the live twitter “stream” to look for only tweets containing the word “gay”. This introduced some fun/interesting challenges and taught me a few things about working with Twitter. I’m not really sure what I was looking for, to start. I wanted to begin by simply observing the frequency and sheer magnitude of tweets.

Snapshot of the "High Scores" screen at the end of the night.

Competitive Breathalyzer

Video documentation of the Benefit Pary (Breathalyzer at 1:13) (via Machine Project).

I made this project for the Machine Project annual member benefit. The theme of the benefit was DMV: After Dark and featured a variety of offbeat DMV, Car and Driving Test-inspired activities and performances. My contribution was a game whose primary mechanic revolved around the guests Blood Alcohol Content (BAC).

I build a simple, DIY breathalyzer using Sparkfun’s MQ-3 gas-alcohol sensor. From there, I made a correlation between the output voltage and some standard ratings for BAC (considering weight, age, number of standard drinks/hour). For technical mumb-jumb, see below. The idea was for people to get their BAC as close as possible to a very specific amount: 0.0314 (PI!). The final screen of the game listed the top 10 scores of people who where the closes to 0.0314.


Tools for Enhancing the Experience of Being Lost

This project was realized and executed very quickly while at a workshop at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. Made in collaboration with Nova Jiang.

Expanding on the concept of the Situationist “Derive”, this series of objects address ideas of disorientation in a foreign city, while at the same time addressing the unique urban landscape of Singapore. A traveler may tote the objects around in a briefcase, using them to enhance the experience of being lost. Each object addresses a specific aspect of ‘lostness’.

Item 1. Blinders that simulate the experience of tunnel vision at any given location.
Item 2. Flag for reclaiming unfamiliar space. Created from a “propagating” branch which will in turn, will yield a new tree as a gesture of thanks.
Item 3. A collaborative compass that affords paired travelers an exercise in compromise.
Item 4. A map of Singapore made of ice.


Level Zero

LEVEL_ZERO: Software Solutions for Un-Becoming
This is a collaboration with Zach Blas.


Machine That Tries to Draw Circles

Two individual mechanisms work together to collaboratively draw a circle. Their inability to coordinate, however, turns the “circle” into a disaster. This quick project aims to explore breakdown and dysfunction in  technology, as well as exploit the idea of accidental beauty from these kinds of failures.