I have recently completed a small project together with my friends, LA based VJ collective, COLLABO.

We were commissioned by UCLA Live, on behalf of their current program, Art In Action. From their website:

Art in Action offers an eclectic mix of workshops, lectures, master classes, films, symposia, and collaborations with other cultural organizations. Designed to extend and supplement the intellectual life of the university, Art in Action provides a forum for members of the UCLA and Los Angeles communities to interact with artists, exchange and express ideas, and participate in hands-on arts activities and events.

For Art In Action, we made a “video booth” that corresponded with the play “Once and for all we’re going to tell you who we are so shut up and listen”. Using the booth, people who came to see the play recorded 30 second clips of themselves answering the question “What do you do? Why do you do it?”. The clips will be compiled for a student exhibition/event at the Hammer Museum in April.

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