Dark Matter

Dark Matter is the overarching title for a series of events that will take place at Machine Project, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Beginning in October and continuing into November, SPECULATIVE will be at it again! This time, however, as an organizational collective and not a singular exhibition. Under the moniker of SPECULATIVE, Chris O’Leary, Zach Blas and Myself have organized a series of events which all respond to the theme “Dark Matter”.

Dark Matter is hypothesized to account for about 80% of the mass in the known universe and a good chunk of the energy too. Dark Matter, however, can not be measured or visualized in any capacity; Its presence is inferred by the impact it has on other forces, such as gravity. The notion of something invisible/intangible having such large impact on the tangible universe is seductive both from a scientific perspective and an artistic one. As a metaphor, Dark Matter can be used as a lens through which to discuss physics and cosmology but also race and border politics, homelessness, urban design, secrecy, conspiracy and queer theory.

Each Dark Matter event will oscillate between the scientific, science fictitious and the otherwise metaphorical/conceptual.
Our first event was held on Friday, October 12th and featured CalTech physicist Jennifer Seigal-Gaskins and artist/professor Ricardo Dominguez.

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