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Dark Matter
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Dark Matter

Dark Matter was a series of public events curated and organized in collaboration with Chris O’Leary and Zach Blas. Each event took place in the storefront space of Machine Project, one of Los Angeles’ most kinetic and eclectic non-profit creative venues. A book is forthcoming.

Dark Matter accounts for over 90% of the mass of the universe and yet it can not be seen or observed. Its effects can only be inferred through other more tangible forces such as gravitation. It is posited to be the material responsible for maintaining the orbital integrity of the stars that comprise our galaxy.
The notion of an invisible, immeasurable material that, nonetheless, binds our known universe together is seductive both scientifically and artistically.

These events investigate the various metaphorical, scientific, artistic, political and subversive dimensions of Dark Matter. Our first event paired a CalTech physicist and Dark Matter researcher (Jennifer Seigal-Gaskins) with artist Ricardo Dominguez for a colorful explanation of the physics of Dark Matter. Subsequent events offered artists, designers, writers and ethnographers an opportunity to take a more metaphorical approach to the topic and identify Dark Matter in their own fields of research. A final event included a curated screening of video art and experimental documentaries which where selected based on topics introduced during the lectures and performances of events 1 and 2. A book project is currently in the works.

Dark Matter 1

Physicist Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins and artist Ricardo Dominguez will present two perspectives on the invisible, intangible, enigmatic mystery material Dark Matter. Their diverging viewpoints will collide at a stimulating evening exploring hidden facets of our universe and culture.

This evening kicks off a series of events organized by SPECULATIVE that investigate Dark Matter from scientific, artistic, social and subversive dimensions.

Dark Matter 2

Our exploration of Dark Matter will continue this week, with nine artists, researchers, writers and ethnographers approaching the theme of dark matter in nine eclectic, short-form talks.

Modeled after the Pecha Kucha presentation style, each presenter will show 20 slides for 20 seconds each, totaling six minutes. The slides progress on a timer, forcing each speaker to keep up!

Zach Blas
Jeff Cain
Amisha Gadani
Christopher Kardambikis
Michael Kontopoulos
Chandler McWilliams
Lily Nguyen
Christopher O’Leary
Pinar Yoldas

This is the second in a series of events organized by SPECULATIVE that investigate Dark Matter from scientific, artistic, social and subversive dimensions.

Dark Matter 3

SPECULATIVE presents a screening on Dark Matter, a schizophrenic mix of video art and other experiments. This evening will offer glimpses of Dark Matter through the anonymous materials, inexplicable behaviors and intangible networks found in the work of this eclectic selection of artists:

Ryan Trecartin
Pascual Sisto
Claudia Salamanca
Ian Alan Paul
Johann Lurf
Joe Hamilton
Megan Daalder
Michelle Dizon
Brody Condon
Jennifer Chan

This is the third in a series of events exploring Dark Matter organized by the artist collective SPECULATIVE. Curated by Michael Kontopoulos, Christopher O’Leary & Zach Blas.

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