Concept Project. Keywords: Visual Design, Wireframing, User Testing, Form Design, Prototyping

SETUP is a high-end online auction marketplace. Over 30 million bidders per year use Invaluable to bid on original arts and crafts from auction houses across the globe.


Our team was asked to redesign the primary Create Account flow, accessible from a top-level navigation from anywhere in the site. This “Create Account” process needs to be as easy and painless as possible. At the same time, however, information about content-related preferences is gathered here and greatly assists in specific details of Invaluable’s business model. How do we design a user flow that is quick, conversational and intuitive without missing out on the data needed by the company?

SCOPE  2.5 week group project, with Otto Awqatty, Stephanie Bond and Philippe Heckley.
MY ROLE: User testing, Final Mockups, Deck Design and Storytelling.


In the existing user flow, bidder preferences about auctions and items appears at the end and is optional. We moved this to the beginning of the Create Account process and made it more visual, interactive and fun. The only two required steps were this and Name/Password creation. Additional steps are still skippable, but copy writing and tone where finessed to more effectively communicate why filling it out would save the bidder time later.


An example of the Category Selection page, from the original user flow.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 3.12.08 PM



01 – Research, Competitive Analysis and Card Sorting (IA)






03 – Sketching and Prototyping




04 – Iterating and Testing

Most of the challenge of this project was in user testing as often as possible and iterating our design based on results of user tests. You can see a comprehensive list of findings from our user tests below, as well as several stages of wireframe fidelity.





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