Water Rites
Water Rites
Water Rites
Water Rites
Water Rites
Water Rites
Water Rites

Water Rites

Water Rites is a two-channel video and series of artifacts that tell the story of two characters who engage in a water-sharing ceremony.
Inspired by science fictional depictions of arid worlds and the cultural practices that develop around water scarcity, this piece envisions a propositional social ritual that has developed in response to the growing threat of water scarcity in California.
Through a combination of diegetic prototypes and video, Water Rites explores a slice of uncanny, fictitious culture from a world where our relationship to water is far less cavalier.
This piece contains binaural audio, composed by Yiannis Christofides. It is intended to be listened to with headphones.

This piece was made for the group exhibit Speculative, at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, Hollywood).
In conjunction with the exhibit, we published a short journal of essays and artist statements, under the same title.
The journal is available for purchase on Lulu.com.
My essay is entitled “Water Rites” and can be downloaded and read here. It contains more detailed information about the themes and ideas that inspired this work.



  • Christopher O’Leary (photographer)
  • Michael Kontopoulos (director, editor)
  • Yiannis Christofides (composer)
  • Marcela Coto (assistant director)


  • Johanna Reed and Mattia Casalegno

Special Thanks:

  • Steven Joyner and Machine Histories
  • James Cerasani
  • Pieter PASD
  • Dr. Ellen Hanack
  • Marcela Coto

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