Sundance Film Festival

I’m proud to announce that Moon Theater, my collaborative project with Nova Jiang and Andres Colubri will be exhibited at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival! We will be showing the piece in the New Frontier gallery; A fairly new addition to the festival that invites media artists and interactive designers that work at the intersection of moving image, narrative, performance and interactivity.

An article about New Frontier on Main.

This years line-up.

So later this month, Andres, Nova and I will be making the long drive to Park City, Utah to brave the bitter cold and show our project to a unique crowd of artists, film makers and movie fans. We’re very honored and excited.

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  1. When we last spoke of Detropa a0the film has just won the award for best editing of a futreae length film at the Sundance Film Festival. a0Go check it out tonight at 9:30! Tags: Detropia, FILM, film screening, Sundance Film Festival Previous postEMERICA: WILD IN THE STREETS DETROIT WILL HAPPEN JUNE 21ST 2012

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