Tools for Enhancing the Experience of Being Lost

This project was realized and executed very quickly while at a workshop at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. Made in collaboration with Nova Jiang.

Expanding on the concept of the Situationist “Derive”, this series of objects address ideas of disorientation in a foreign city, while at the same time addressing the unique urban landscape of Singapore. A traveler may tote the objects around in a briefcase, using them to enhance the experience of being lost. Each object addresses a specific aspect of ‘lostness’.

Item 1. Blinders that simulate the experience of tunnel vision at any given location.
Item 2. Flag for reclaiming unfamiliar space. Created from a “propagating” branch which will in turn, will yield a new tree as a gesture of thanks.
Item 3. A collaborative compass that affords paired travelers an exercise in compromise.
Item 4. A map of Singapore made of ice.

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