Water Rites at BlindSpot

In February I participated in the Blindspot Initiative and exhibition at Keystone Arts space in Northeast Los Angeles. This initiative was meant to explore the blurring boundaries between design, architecture and storytelling about the built and natural environment and also culminated in a series of workshops and a publication.

For Blindspot, I exhibited Water Rites with the addition of a new piece, Shrine, which adds depth to the world of Water Rites by proposing a series of shrine-like objects inspired by Greek roadside Kandylakia.

I also experimented with a new way of installing these piece. Rather then showing them as art objects I experimented with a fictitious museum display. By painting the walls and creating didactic wall text with a fake audio tour,  I presented the objects as though they were in an archeological museum.

Information about the Blindspot Initiative and related events can be found here.

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